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Premium commercial machines for dry flower extracting, trimming, weighing, batching and packaging.

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Butane Extractors

Butane Extractors

Large Batch Butane Concentrate Extractors

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Green Vault

Green Vault

Batching and Weighing Systems

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Trimming and Extracting Products

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Paonia Soil

Paonia Soil

Supercharge Your Grow Soil with Premium Nutrients

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Getting started

Automate Your Grow from Soil to Sale

National Grow Technologies carries some of the highest regarded grow supplies and machines, in the cultivation industry. These industry leading products will help you grow, trim, weigh, and batch your dried flowers easily and effortlessly.

Products Built for Success

The Greenvault System easily automates the weighing, batching, and packaging process to save time and money while improving accuracy. The Green Vault batching machine precisely weighs and batches 16-23 grams per minute depending upon the product density and size of the flower. Hand processing is not precise and averages 3 grams per minute.

The GreenBroz line includesa destemmer, two models of dry flower trimmers, and two different models of their trichome extractor. All of GreenBroz products were designed to assist businesses with getting the best return on their investment with automated efficiency.

PaoniaSoil,starts your cultivation business out strong from the start. Paonia produces a super charged soil that is designed to make your grow explode. This mega soil is formulated with powerful nutrients that are gently released into the soil with time release so that the dirt is perfectly formulated for longer periods of time. No need to add food or nutrients to the soil during the grow. The special time release technology typically lasts through the whole vegetative period of growth.

Benefits of Automating the Dry Flower Trimming & Packaging Process

  • ■ Accuracy & Consistency
  • ■ Decreases product overage or loss
  • ■ Increased production
  • ■ Improves Compliance
  • ■ Cuts costs in employee labor costs

A Fast moving industry

How to Get Started

National Grow Technologies provides a free demo, full on-site installation, and complete staff training. We will teach your staff how to use the Green Vault system and how to clean, service, and maintain it. National Grow stands behind the Green Vault system and is available for follow up questions and needs at any time.

What you get from National Grow Technologies:

  • Free product demo
  • On-site installation
  • Complete staff training on the machinery
  • 1 year full product warranty
  • Discounted 2 year warranty with monthly service agreement
  • Continuing product support via email or phone
  • Service and maintenance packages available

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Learn How to Make Your Grow Profitable

National Grow Technologies and its experienced partners provide your business planning, engineering, personnel management and legal support to help you on your path to success. Before the planting, trimming, weighing, and batching there is a lot of planning to get a grow started so that it can become profitable.

National Grow Technologies and its experienced partners also provide your business planning, engineering, personnel management and legal support to help you on your path to success.

Are you ready to grow?

Investing in a cultivation operation is a major—but rewarding—undertaking. To ensure your investment is protected from the beginning, devoting a portion of your resources towards a due diligence is crucial to your success.

For many clients, the first step is the license application. NGT and its affiliated members work together to assist you thoroughly with this challenging and detailed process, such as:

  • 1. Application assistance
  • 2. Creating a facility build out
  • 3. Cultivation process analysis and development
  • 4. Developing a projected operating cost analysis (labor, utilities, rent)
  • 5. Engineering design and review
  • 6. Environmental site assessments (ESAs)
  • 7. Hazardous materials assessments
  • 8. Outlining a road map and long-term planning
  • 9. Property condition assessments
  • 10. Property survey and zoning verification
  • 11. SOP development